genelle and peter ~ the rehearsal

i love this venue and i can't wait for tomorrow's beautiful wedding at the

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

.  it's also known as the the Los Angeles Cathedral and it has so many awesome architectural highlights:

the bells:

 in the past, men used long ropes to peal the ringers.  as technology improved, motors replaced those men.  and these days, these modern bells are computerized.  these bells swing as they are rung, as opposed to being static and being struck.  as the swinging bell moves towards and away from the listener, it creates a doppler effect, much as the increase and decrease in the pitch of a train's whistle as it passes an observer.  i heard these bells chime and sing today as we gathered for the rehearsal to begin.  it was such a welcoming song as we prepared for the beautiful day ahead of us.

caroline tran

the cross and lantern:  

one of my favorite highlights of the Cathedral is the alabaster and the cross.  one of the church wedding coordinators once told me that the alabaster was imported from italy.  it appears to glow as sunlight pours in through its slanted crossbeams.  it was its usual glorious sight today, as we rehearsed genelle and peter's ceremony.  when we began, the sun was setting and the alabaster changed colors as the sun's position changed in the sky.  in the evening, as we were wrapping up, the alabaster is illuminated from within and can be seen from a far distance in downtown los angeles.

dorothy rose events iphone 4s (i don't have the 5 yet!)

some fun facts!  the Cathedral of our Lady of the Angels enjoys some interesting comparisons with other Cathedrals around the world 



  • it is 1000 feet smaller than Notre Dame in paris.
  • it is 21 feet higher than the washington National Cathedral.
  • it is 32,000 square feet larger than san francisco's Grace Cathedral.
  • it is one foot longer than St. Patrick's Cathedral in new york city.  this was not true in the original plans, but topping new york by one foot was too much fun to avoid, a little inside joke even amongst the clergy.

and of course, every good rehearsal ends with a great dinner.  tonight's dinner was held at

ocean seafood

 down the street in chinatown.  the excited guests clinked their glasses and genelle and peter reluctantly obliged and "rehearsed" their kissing in public!  you guys are too cute!  i can't wait for tomorrow's festivities!

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