sicky friday

lily is home sick today.  it's a contagious thing, so she needs to stay home from the baby sitter's.  so i, of course, am staying home with her.  i actually had a client meeting scheduled for yesterday and today, so we rescheduled both.  i'm sure glad my clients are understanding.

it's definitely something else being a mom... a kind of concern and worry that i never experienced before being one.  but then i can say the same thing about the love and wonder that i've discovered after being a mom.  i never thought i would have this capacity and it's been an amazing journey of love and laughter.  there are definitely sacrifices that it comes with, like difficult nights when your child can't sleep because they're in so much pain.  and then the tylenol stops working and you have to send your husband to cvs at 2 o'clock in the morning.  but somehow, you don't remember those as much as the joyful times.  like how happy i was today when lily and i had our usual dance party to a happy, peppy nickelodeon commercial.  how happy i was that she had enough energy to do that and go to the park, especially when she had zero energy when i brought her home yesterday and just laid down on the couch, staring at nothing.

i think the quote above sums up a point in parenting.  i don't think it's the medicines that lily will remember that made her feel better.  i'm pretty sure it's the fact that mama stayed home with her and the 2-minute dance party that we had in our living room today.  and that, is a happy friday.  :)

dorothyfriday, lily