vendor spotlight - Amy's Tailoring

Tina, from

Amy's Tailoring

, does a fantastic job with my brides' gowns and all kinds of alterations. From hems to bodice work, to the only bustles that I trust not to come apart on the wedding day, she always comes though for my brides and at a very reasonable price too. Almost always, she beats the quotes that dress shops will give you for alterations and I totally think she'll do a better job!

I used Tina's services for my own wedding gown back in 2007.  My dress had a ball skirt and a super long train.  she was able to skillfully bustle it so that it minimized the bulk: 


Here's a fabulous double bustle that's she's working on for a bride!  

Tina can be found at:

Amy's Tailoring

144 West Bastanchury Road

Fullerton, CA


She actually moved across the street from where her shop use to be. The address used to be 111 West Bastanchury and that's where Google maps takes you, but it's now 144, across the street. So make sure you turn into Laguna Road into Bastanchury Square where the dental office and SAT prep is and away from the US Bank and Wells Fargo Bank across the street.

I know that I've sent many of my brides to 

Amy's Tailoring

.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and your experience with her!  Please feel free to share it here or on our

DRE facebook page


P.S.  Do you know who the bride is in the picture?  Ssshhh, don't tell!  In a few months, I'll reveal who this beautiful bride is!